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Spring 2008

In this issue:
Friendship Shelter Then and Now- A message from our Executive Director
Dinners Across Laguna and Beyond
- 22 wonderful events raise much needed funds
Program News
- New, better and special programs for our residents
In the Community
- Special friends and events
Annual Giving 2007
- Thank you to our many generous friends
In Conclusion
- A message from our Board Chair

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A message from Executive Director Carol Rhoads

Friendship Shelter was born by the grace of a handful of Laguna Beach residents who wanted to provide shelter and comfort to the unfortunate living on the streets, and in 1988 secured an aging 2-story depression-era apartment building with room for 19 beds. Three years later, the building was remodeled to accommodate 29, and just last year we were able to carve out space to serve 31 homeless adults at a time. Twenty years later, Friendship Shelter provides much more than room and board to help the homeless rebuild their lives.  

Did You KnowWhat makes our program unique? No one else does all we do to help Orange County homeless get back on track. Our program is free to residents, but not a free ride. Residents work hard to resume self-sufficiency and become more productive members of the community. There is always a waiting list, and potential clients must call every day to show their commitment, until a space opens. Upon arrival, each resident must test free of drugs and alcohol and agree to commit to a rigorous program. Each is assigned a case manager to establish weekly and monthly goals to find work, save money and stay sober. They receive credit and legal assistance. They participate in recovery programs and, in other group sessions, learn interpersonal and life skills. They live like a family and learn to shoulder the responsibilities of home-life. Case managers work closely with residents to ensure that when they leave they will have a place to live and a means of support. Many successful graduates apply to live for one year at our Henderson House apartments in San Clemente, where they pay a modest rent and continue to receive case management and support services, so they might consolidate their gains and further establish independent lives.

More than 5,000 homeless have left the streets to live at Friendship Shelter for a time. Not everyone is willing to do the work, nor can everyone easily move past their difficult lives. However, more than half leave our little building with a new direction and a greater sense of hope for their own future.

Today, we remain the lead agency in the county helping those who will help themselves. However, there is still much to do, and we plan in the near future to provide more career development and longer-term support services. Down the road, we would like to offer psychological counseling and therapy, more medical and dental care, and help graduates go back to school to better secure their future.

While we refer to the homeless as a group, each individual’s story is different, and all are inspiring. As long as people have no place to call home, we are here to help.

Carol Rhoads

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Dinners Across Laguna and Beyond is always a special event, and this year, 22 gracious hosts brought together hundreds of guests to raise funds to support our programs. There were all sorts of "dinners" including Sunday

brunch, an intimate dinner for six, a Chinese dinner for thirty, a cocktail reception for fifty and a rock & roll party for a large crowd of baby boomers. All were hosted and underwritten by supporters who not only care about the homeless, but open their own homes to help make a difference.  Perhaps the best part of each event is the speaker - some still residents at Friendship Shelter or Henderson House, and others graduates -

who candidly tell their stories and inspire us all with their determination to rebuild their lives. For example Greg, who went from life as an addict and felon to his current position as Director of Operations for a fleet of limousines, which elicited a gasp of appreciation from guests. "I was raised in a good middle class family in Long Beach, but somehow I never got it. I never learned what it takes to live a good life," Greg told the crowd. "Now, I don't use drugs, I don't drink, I don't even smoke cigarettes, and I live in a great apartment in Laguna Niguel. I'll never go back."

Our Generous Hosts

Kathleen and Gregg Abel
Doug and Judy Anderson
Marlene & Terry Baker
Paola and Richard Bisson
Ketta and Jed Brown
Jo and John Caldwell
Kathy and Jim Conrad
Jeff and Robyn Cohen
Don and Marilyn Davidson
Joy Dittberner & Tom Peters
Howard and Leanne Englander
George and Jany Gade
Ilene Glassman
Colin Henderson
Marshall Ininns
Chris Keller
Elaine and Adrian Kuyper
Greg and Barbara MacGillivray
Kerri and Edson McClellan
Mary and Bruce McDonald
Barbara & Ken McMurray
Dan & Kristy Melita
Stephanie and Bob Mister
Roger and Eileen Ohanesian
Carol and Keating Rhoads
Dave Sanford and Stephen Dotoratos
Ed Smith and John O’Neill
Mary & Dan Shapero
John and Shari Williamson
Louise and Wayne Wright
Bill Witte and Keiko Sakamoto
Donna and Dan Vigil

Because of the speakers, guests at Dinners Across Laguna and Beyond have a chance to learn first hand how funds raised help rebuild lives. "This is perhaps the organization's most popular event, because it is so intimate," said Executive Director Carol Rhoads. "Above all, they are all reminded how important the safety and comfort of home is, something our residents are struggling to re-establish for themselves."

We want to thank our hosts and sponsors, and the guests who made their checks out to Friendship Shelter, making it possible for us to do what we do for the homeless in Orange County. And special thanks to event chair, Joy Dittberner.

1. Tom Peters, Paola Bisson, Pierluigi Bonvicini and Steve Prepas, MD.  
2. Jeff Elghanyan, Marcia Vaughn, Pierluigi Bonvicini,
     Susie Elghanayan and Paola Bisson 
3. Barbara McMurray, Eileen Smyth Ohanesian

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Welcome volunteer Nurse Becky   Mark Miller assumes the role of a Lifetime: Programs Director

Rebecca [Becky] Wills, the mother of three boys, worked previously at Long Beach Memorial hospital as an oncology and hematology nurse. After Hurricane Katrina, she volunteered her services in New Orleans and found herself nursing the homeless there. It was at this point that she determined to do more. Luckily for Friendship Shelter, Becky is now our attending nurse. She meets with new residents within 48-hours of arrival to develop a health assessment and has identified several serious medical issues that might otherwise have gone undetected.

People who have been living on the streets don’t have health insurance and many have not been to a physician for years. Many require psychiatric care. And most residents are very much in need of dentistry.

“We have to know if residents have chronic problems that are untreated, and we must guard against infection in a group living setting,” Becky says. Medical treatment is hard to secure for the homeless, even at local clinics. No matter what we do to help people get a new start in life, if they are not feeling well, how can they sustain their gains? Nurse Becky is a great gift to our residents, and we hope others will step forward to help heal the homeless at Friendship Shelter.


Many of you know Mark as our former Director of Development, but what you may not know is that Mark was trained as an actor. However, his personal compassion and dogged determination to be of service to others have drawn him to a non-profit career, and make him the perfect candidate to refine and expand our unique program. A native of the mid-West, Mark served as program director and artistic director with several organizations there before arriving in California just three years ago, and was tapped first to be Volunteer Coordinator at Friendship Shelter. His experience with the at-risk and disadvantaged population suited him well to work with the homeless. He has used theater, improvisation and role playing with at-risk kids as an effective tool for confidence-building, and Mark hopes to employ a similar model to establish a comprehensive, integrated and interdisciplinary program that will take a holistic approach to each resident’s personal development. In his spare time, Mark is also a youth specialist with Community Service Programs [CSP] in Laguna Beach.

Randy Kraft has taken on the role of Director of Development.

  • Laguna Drug is coordinating medication prescriptions with attending physicians to provide low cost alternatives.
  • South Coast and UCI Medical Centers recently provided treatment at no cost to residents identified by Nurse Becky as in need of immediate medical care.
  • Social worker Barbara Scheinmann of San Clemente Hospital volunteers to help Henderson House residents..
  • Ank Stuyfzand coaches residents to overcome obstacles blocking their personal and professional progress.
  • Veeder South conducted a 4-week seminar on self-awareness.
  • Jane Neufeld facilitates a women’s discussion group.
  • Stephanie Francis conducts weekly poetry class for our male residents, who have been overheard lately quoting their verses in the hall.
  • Kaz Ebrahim and San Clemente friends cleared out weeded overgrown side yards at Henderson House and planted a flower garden.
  • Jane Edelman has plans for an organic garden at Henderson House.
  • Dr. Mark Brisley provides much needed dental services for many of our residents.
  • Art Institute of California Orange County students will design a new brochure as a community service.
Capital Group Companies
Ebell Club
Pimco Foundation
WIlliam Gillespie Foundation
Ueberroth Foundation
Wells Fargo


Carl Brown teaches two free yoga classes at Moulton Meadows Park on Mondays and Wednesdays at 9:00, open to all. He says that yoga has brought much to his life and this is his way of giving back to the community. With training in bodywork, he helps many deal with their physical challenges. Now, Carl is also offering private massage, in your home, with donations made to Friendship Shelter. He will do all bodywork in 2008 on behalf of our organization and hopes to raise several thousand dollars this year – a wonderful gift.

“I believe in what Friendship Shelter is doing. My wife Linda and I have come to several Dinners Across Laguna over the years, and now I have found a way to do the kind of work I enjoy, while at the same time helping my students and the Shelter as well.” Namaste.

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Many thanks to Hearts of Montage, the charitable giving arm of Montage Laguna Beach Resort, who fulfilled their $15,000 challenge grant early this year. Funds will be used to support efforts to facilitate career development for residents who have been homeless and who are working their way back to more productive lives. Hearts ofMontage co-president, Laura Poochigian, said that Friendship Shelter has come to their attention because it plays an important role in the community.

“The level of care and support provided at Friendship Shelter creates a wonderful environment for those in need of a home. We hope this challenge grant will encourage others to support this important work,” Poochigian said.

“Friendship Shelter is love in action,” said Hearts of Montage Board member Christine Loidolt, who also serves as the resort’s business manager. “Hearts of Montage unanimously approved the grant in recognition of the far-reaching benefits and value of FriendshipShelter programs.”


The grand opening of Nirvana Grille March 15th in downtown Laguna Beach turned out to be an extra special happening, as the net proceeds of the event were contributed to Friendship Shelter. Lindsay Smith-Rosales, named one of the “Great Chefs of Orange County," hosted the grand opening with husband, Luis Rosales, formerly of the Ritz Carlton and the Montage, and a coterie of friends and dignitaries, including members of the Chamber of Commerce and Mayor Jane Egly. During the packed evening event, a sampling of signature hors d’oeuvres whetted appetites for future dinners, and guests were treated to a “Nirvana Bliss” vodka cocktail created by event sponsor Ketel One.

Event sponsors also include Gregg Abel Construction and Design, Schaffenberger Chocolates, Studio 247 Interior Design and CDJV: Corporate Development for Joint Ventures, LLC.

Our founder and patron saint, Fr. Colin Henderson, was honored in March at the Laguna Seniors, Inc. Legacy Ball, where over 200 attended a fundraising dinner-dance and silent auction. Three long-standing community supporters were honored with the prestigious award – Louise Buckley, a founder of the seniors program, Pauline Walpin, who helped establish the Community Clinic, and Colin Henderson, who, in addition to his 20 years of service to the homeless, is a supporter of Sally’s Fund and maintains a ministry in Irvine.
Colin Henderson and event chair,
Councilwoman Elizabeth Pearson

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  Individual Gifts

G. Kenneth Anderson
Geneva Arct
Eugene Auerbach
Brian Baggs
Michelle and Robert Barany
James and Regina Barnes
Martyn Barnes
Don and Chris Beaver
Harold and Donna Lee Becker
Karin Bellantoni
Lynn Benner
Janet Bensusen
Helen and Joel Bergenfeld
Nancy Beverage
Ann Bialy
Barbara Bing
George and Rosemarie Bosson
Shirley Bowen
Mark Brandt
Dr. James and Helen Briglio
Walter and Margaret Brugger
Robert and Christine Buck
Linda Burns
Dianne Card
Mary and John Casalaspi
Ruth Castro
George Chandy and
   Susan Zachariah
Peony Chau
Ronald and Frances Chilcote
Jacquie and Stephan Cohn
Alysha Coleman
Rosanna Joan Collins
Edith Corbin
Mark and Sally Costanzo
Chuck Crandall
Craig and Dana Crawley
Mary Jane Culver
Lalin and Heather Joanes-Desoyza
Anna and Eugene D'Isabella
C. Loren Doll
Edward and Gertrude Drollinger
Maurie Edelman
Jerri Jo Elliott
Susan Elliott
Kevin Espinola
Beverly Farrier
John and Rebecca Fast
H. Glen and Eileen Fishbach
Mary Betty Fisher
Patricia Fitch
Clare and Larry Fletcher
Richard and Ruth Fox
San Dee Frei
Lynn and Jeff Friedman
Paul Fu Jr.
Gregory and Britt Fullmer
Joseph Gallagher III
Larry Garcia
Jaymes Gard
Patricia Gillette
Ellen Goldman

Eugene and Meredith Gratz
Gwen and Scot Grierson
Edward and Ruth-Alice Hailwood
Bonnie and Arnold Hano
Ruth Hansen
Jeanne Harris
Utta Harrison
Ira Hawkins
Patricia Hermansen
Raymond Hernacki and
   Marsha Glassman
Mary and Walter Heyer
Brandon Hill
Jerry and Renee Hornbeak
Andrew and Pamela Horowitz
Brian and Candace Hurley
Jeffrey and Jeanne Isaacs
Leslie Israel
Steven and Sheila Jacobs
Brett Jarvis
Louann Jeffs
Carole Johnson
Dale Johnson
Benjamin Jones
Kenneth Kaplan
Brendan Keegan
Ellen and Roger Kempler
Arthur and Dorothy Kiefer
William and Jane Kirland
Chester and Florence Kowalski
Betty Jane Lang
Elizabeth Liljestrom
Judi and Joseph Lomax
Bonnie MacDonald
Joseph and Denise Maes
Joy and J. Fred Malakoff
Earl Maples
Gemma Marfoglia
Martha Marino
Livier and Dr. Thomas McGee
Kevin McWeeney
Debbie and George Meeker
Pat Migliaccio
Susan Milette
Ginny Miller
Mark Miller
Lawrence and Adelyne Minsky
Christopher and Bree Mitchell
Claudia Myers
Jerry Owen Jr. and Gwen Myers
Mary Niedringhaus
Nanci and Jerry Nielsen
Jeff and Maureen Olsen
Richard Olshausen
Penny Parkinson
Ron and Mara Paul
Barbara and Thomas Peckenpaugh
Barbara Phillips
Rochelle Pierre
Margaret Prickitt
Cheryl Procaccini
Will and Clara Rapp
Eva Reade
Annaliesa Redfield
Joan Rehnborg
Elizabeth Rhodes
Diane Richardson
Douglas and Mary Roben
Claire Robinson
H. Damon Rodriguez and
   Courtney Altobello
Robert and Helen Romeo
Lorraine Rose
James Rosen
Doug and Tania Rubino
Dr. Kimberly Salter
Ellie and Maurice Schmidt
Janet Schnebel
Charles and Marilyn Schroeder
Heidi Schroll
Eva Segovia
Lydia and Tommy Sharp
Audrey Shieldkret
Nikta and Farrokh Shokooh
Andy Siegenfeld
Helga Sommer
Harold and Ethelwyn Sorensen
Lee Margaret and
   Ronald Steelman
Lyn Steg
Theresa and Judson Stevens
William Strockbine
Barbara Stroup
Paul Sullivan
Kathleen Teel
John Thomas
Todd Thornton
Stewart and Marilyn Tinsman
Hazel and Jerome Tobis, M.D.
Star Trondsen
Patricia Truman
Diane and James Van Dalfsen
Jim and Barbara Vienneau
Christine and Daniel Walker
Christopher Weaver
James and Anne Weiland
Julie Weir
Fritzi Werner
Laura and Robert Werner
Fay Wescott
Alexandria West
Susan West
Susan Williams
Covey Wills
Gregory Wilson
Peter Wolters
Glenn Wood
Rae and Milford Wyman
Joanne Yeh
Jay and Linda Young
Carole Zavala

Camille Bertolet Aigner
Gregory and Carolyn Akers
Helen Alailima
Stanley Alexander
Russ Alsobrook
Donna Altobello
Leonard and Judi Altobello
Pat and Sylvia Ames
Betty Amneus
Bill Anderson
Martha Anderson
Mary Ann Anderson
R. Rice Andrews
Jay Andrus
Alan Ambruster
Lia Iacocca and Victor Allen Assad
Ken and Paulette Auster
Jack Baedeker
Andrew and Jerralee Bailey
Brad and Karen Baker
Donald and Barbara Barda
Rufus Barkley
David Barneich
William Bartek
Barbara Barth
James Barth
John Barth
Nancy Baumann
John Beach
Binnie Beaumont
Marshall and Cynthia Beck
Victor and Sally Bellerue
Klaus and Karin Bellinghausen
Roberta Bennett
Thomas and Carolyn Bent
Bryan and Mary Ann Bentrott
James and Judy Bergman
Thomas and Stephanie Berryman
Timothy and Elizabeth Black
Bobbie Blase
Barbara Blasettee
Eric and Vivian Bloom
Stuart Bloom
Richard Boote
Dominic Bosco, M.D.
Kelly and Michelle Boyd
Eric and Danille Braham
Gregory and Susan Brakovich
Christine Bren
William and Judy Brennan
Hal and Joni Brice
Grace Briggs
Carl and Linda Brown
Kathryn Brown
Nancy and Mike Brown
Valerie Benet Brown
Robert and Kathleen Brunswick
Czarina and Henry Buckingham
Mary Valentine Buckingham
Leslie and Gary Buebel
John and Barbara Bullard
Rosalba and George Burtin
Gregory and Jill Bush
Yasuko and John Bush Jr.
Linda Sue and Kyle Butterwick
Stuart Byer
Barbara Bykerk
Kathie Calloway
John Campbell
Linda McMahan Campbell
Jacques Camus
Tim Cannon and Sally Viranicar
Erin and Scott Capobianco
Lynn Capouya
Robert Cardwell
Carolyn Carroll
Patricia and Alfred Carter
Tania and Steve Cassill
Jeffrey Cavanaugh
James Chapel
Arcelia Chavarria
Daniel Christgan
Ann Christoph
Donald and Donna Clark
Peter Clothier
James and Jennier Colburn
Chad Conley
Ria and Howard Conn
Mario Conti and Sarah Burt
Katherine and Michael Conway
Robert and Tina Cook
Rodney and Linda Cooper
David and Karen Cornella
Susan Court and James John
Gordon Cowan
Larry Craig
John and Anna Mae Crowder
Lucillia and Jesse Crowe
Vicki Crowe
Glenda and Patrick Curran
Patricia and Jesse Curtis III
Annmarie Dalton
Georganne Daugherty
Alison and Robert Davis
Lecia and Craig Davis
Rowland Davis
William Davis
William De La Pena
C. John Dehner
Ralph and Ann DeMarco
Cherry and Alexander Dickinson
Ronald Dier
Thomas Dimare
Carl DiNicola
Ralph and Sharon Dion
A. Allan and Cherri Dixon
Trevor and Theresa Dodson
Kevin and Stephanie Donovan
Bruce Joncie Donenfeld
Andrew Donkin
James Doria
E. Mary Dougher
David Dull and Susan Shieldkret
Larry Dunlap
David Dyrnaes
Jack and Gail Earley
Christopher and Sarah Edwards
Jane and Paul Egly
Amy Elizabeth Eidt
Jeff and Suzy Elghanayan
Leanne Brown and
   Howard Englander
David and Lois Erikson
Scott and Esme’ Evans
Michael Farley
Joyce Farmer
Kristin and Hugh Fast
Preston and Sheryl Wright Fetrow
Richard Finch
Lawrence and Kathleen Fisher
Mitchell Fisher
Robin Fisher
Virginia and Neil Fitzpatrick
Charles and Louise Fleenor
Marcia and Raymond Fleming Jr.
Mark Fleming
Cynthia and James Fletcher
Timi Flowers
James and Catherine Flynn
R.I. and Anne Frank
Mary Franz
Kellie and Paul Freeman
James Frey
William Fried
George and Jany Gade
Kelly Tremellen Ganz
Paul Garman
Cheryl and Jerry Gates
Elizabeth Genolio
Steven and Elizabeth Gex
Ronald and Ingrid Ghenender
R. and N. Giangeruso
Robin Gibbs
Joseph and Shirley Gleich

Jeanie and David Glen
Sid Godwin
Philip and Julia Gold
Glenn and Lynn Goldberg
Fred and Jeanne Golding
Pamela and Samuel Goldstein
Stephen and Madaline Gordon
Elizabeth Gregory
Dwight and Diane Griffith
Diana Guyer
James Hall
Thomas Halliday
Barbara Hamilton
Paul Hamilton
Sharon and Mike Hardy
Alice Ann Harmon
Floren Harper
Patrick and Kristen Harrigan
Kelly Harrington
Karen Ellis and Sandra Hartness
Scott Haug
Howard and Carol Hay
Murray and Margaret Hay
Mary Ellen and Stanley Hayter
Justin and Jane Heber
Maggie and Tony Hempen
Littie Hicks
Anita Higgins
Catherine Hileman
Gerard and Alisa Hill
William Hoffman and Maria Ryan
Martyn and Debi Hoffman
Cindy and Mark Holechek
Michael Hoopis
Peter and Lorraine Hornby
Elizabeth and Cary Hyden, M.D.
Marshall and Elizabeth Ininns
Frances Inman
Toni Iseman
Walter and Susan Jacobs
William Jager and
   Martha McKenzie
Shernan James
Alexandra Jarrard
Craig and Jody Johnson
Michael Johnson
Roger Jones
Shearson Jones
Korey Jorgensen, M.D.
Leonard Joseph
Robert Josephson
Mark Judy, DMD
Janis and Kenneth Kaplan
Jeremy Kaslow
Edward Kaufman
Martin Wesley Kawecki
Irwin and Virginia Kempler
William and Patricia Kentle
David Kiff
Elizabeth Kluger
Peter Konkowski
Tehya Kopp
Mark and Kay Kouris
David and Cathy Krinsky
Kenneth and Candace Kristensen
Robert and Hanna Krutoff
Elaine and Adrian Kuyper
Cheryl and S. Curt La Barre
Thomas Lamb
Cecelia Lance
Lucinda Langmead
Kathryn Langston
John Laura
Michael and Cathie Lawler
Wieke Liem Lebby
William Lee
Michael and Toni Leech
Doris Merrifield Leffingwell, Ph.D.
Howard and Ellie Levin
Vivian Claire and Eugene B. Levin
David Levine
John Liberati
Diane and Brent Liljestrom
Dennis and Valerie Lindeborg
Marshall and Joyce Linn
Beate Loomis
Francine Marie Ludwig
Karen MacDonald
C. Gaya Maeder
Blanch Malloy
Bernard Markowitz
Sheila and Lindell Marsh
Candace Marshall
Irene Marsi
Vicente and Susan Mas
Alexander Milan Masarik
Charlotte Masarik
Mostafa Matin
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Greg McCaffery
Edson and Kerri McClellan
Marion and Roger McClellan
Bruce and Mary McDonald
Jo An McDonald
Peter Ross and
   Jacqueline Thornton McDougall
Bella McDowell
Thomas and Nancy McGann
Bill and Marjorie McGehee
Anne and Robert McGraw
Daniel and Suzy McInerny
Robert and Genevieve McMenomy
Dirk and Kathleen McNamee
Barbara and Ken McMurray
Barbara Metzger
Michael and Nancy Meyer
Barth and Katherine Mikals
Don and Terri Milder
Eileen Brunet and Gary Miller
Joseph and Alison Miller
Lawrence Miller
Mary and Max Miller
Todd Paul and Joselyn Ann Miller
Laura Modena
Amina Mansour and Tarek Mokhtar
Gary and Leslie Monroe
John and Lisa Monsour
William and Kathleen Moore
Charles Moothart
Nicole and Brad Morrice
Susan Morrison
Katy Scott Moss
Melinda and Kenneth Moss
Mark Mowrey
Deborah and Jeffrey Mulligan
Abigail Munro-Proulx
David and Barbara Myers
Nanette and Dennis Myers
Richard and Janet Naess
Ray and Jane Neufeld
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Gina Nixon
Laurence and Cathy Nokes
Jon and Mary Nord
Chris and Janice Nunez
Roger Ohanesian and
   Eileen Smyth
Jeanne and A.I. Olenicoff
Neil Olson and
   Carol Ummel Lindquist
Nadia Olstad
Maggie O’Melveny
Linda Banks Ord
Cynthia Ortiz
Thomas and Ginger Osborne
Garrett and Linda Pack
Karen and Russell Parker
Dr. Michael Pashley
Sheila Patterson
Suzanne Paulson
Ben Pearson
Chris Pelletier
Laila and Dryden Pence
Sidney and Nancy Petersen
Madeleine Peterson
Pamela and Randall Peterson
Wayne Peterson and Terry Smith
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Cynthia and Peter Phelps Jr.
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Mary and Herbert Rabe
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J. Coleman Raffo
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Margaret and Richard Reedy
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Christine Rhoades
Frank Ricchiazzi and Borden Moller
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Bettina Rey and Elmer Charles Rieckhoff II
Molly Risak
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Maeve and Jeff Shapiro
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Lynda and Lee Thomas III
Kristin and Scott Thomas
U.T. and Judy Thompson
John Thomson
Eleanor and Peter Tiner
Edith Tonkon
E.S. and Jessica Torrance
Christopher David Tower
Alyssa Hong and Thuan Tran
Harvey and Lisa Triebwasser
Renato Trotta and Catherine Papes
Carol Trumpfheller
Phillip Tupy and Beverly Andrews
Robert Tyler
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Candace and Carlo Van Den Bosch
Marcia Vaughan
Peter and Karen Vavan
F. Joy Verbeck
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Gaye Lee and Bruce Waddington
Paul Joseph Weinberg
Renee and Stephen Weiss, M.D.
Sybille Weiss
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J.C. and E.F. Wilbur
Alexander Williamson
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Debra and Ed Zimmerman
Jacqueline and Louis Zitnik
John and Eileen Zraick
Milton and Natalie Zucker
Eric and Thasa Zuziak
  $1,000- $4,999
Kathleen and Gregory Abel *
Helen and Alan Adams
Sharon Denise Adams
Doug and Judy Anderson
Neil and Carol Anenberg *
Richard and Una Baker *
Dorothy and D.L. Bendetti
Richard and Paola Bisson *
Harold Bosworth Jr.
Colin Godwin and Lynette Braunstein *
Ketta and Jeb Brown
Bob Bryson *
James and Janis Burroughs
Nancy Bushnell *
David and Lisa Thomas Butler *
Jo and Dr. John Caldwell *
Jack Cancellieri *
Alex Cilento *
Gunnel Cole *
Jim and Katherine Conrad *
Lawrence Crane *
Marni Cretz and Muffin Spencer-Devlin *
Donald Crevier *
Robert and Marsha Daniels *
Donald and Marilyn Davidson
Thomas Davis
Silvano and Eve Digenova
Timothy Dillon *
Joy Dittberner and Tom Peters *
James Dorf
Mark and Heidi Draper
Debbie and Lee Drucker
Ann and James Farris *
Joy Fazekas
Gene and Johanna Felder *
John and Zemula Fleming *
John Hancock and Sue Freeman *
Kathleen and Bryan Gianesin *
Jane and Thomas Golden *
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Jeanne Meyers
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Bill and Jane Mortimer *
Kenneth Nersten
Martin and Karen Neumann
Gabe Pate
Diane Peck *
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William and Pamela Preston
Christopher Quilter
James and Janet Ray
Claudia and Robert Redwitz *
Ken Jillson and Al Roberts
Chuck Rock
Richard and Terry Rothbard
Severin Wunderman Family Foundation
Ann and Jim Shea *
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Donna Sutton
Michael Sulya
Keith and Judith Swayne *
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Keiko Sakamoto and William Witte *
Lizanne and Matthew Witte *
Scott and Cheryl Yeaton *
Steven and Seanne Contursi
Lucillia and Jesse Crowe *
Ranney and Priscilla Draper
John and Analia Earhart
Steve and Jill Edwards *
Michael Gosselin
Gary and Sue Higgins *
James and Christine Smith Keegan
Susan Ashmore and Tom Patty
Carol and Keating Rhoads
Bill and Kathryn Rooklidge
Joe Ziomek *
Santina and Ronald Davies *
John Gillespie
Ilene Glassman *
Peter and Helen Maxwell
Bequest of Margaret Murdy
Estate of Richard Rentz
Kevin and Michelle Struss
Louise and Wayne Wright *
Special thanks to our Founder Colin Henderson
  Organization Gifts
Ace Duraflo Systems
Big Buzz Construction
Bodega Importers, Inc.
California Jungle Landscaping, Inc.
CCA Builders, Inc.
Children’s Hope International
Coastal Pacific Construction
Coliday Productions
Construction Resource Management
First Church of Christ, Scientist
Fluor Corporation
Girl Scouts of Orange County
Hanauer Family Foundation
Hanley Wood Business Media
Henrickson Owen and Associates
Intervention 911
JBS & Associates
Jerry Owen Myers Jr. Construction Company
Jones Construction
JR Custom
Kimberly-Clark Corporation
Laguna Beach United Methodist Church
Laguna Niguel Presbyterian Church
Leonard Wealth Management, Inc.
Marshall Ininns Design Group
National Council of Jewish Women
New Century Mortgage Foundation
O.C. Society for Humanistic Judaism
P.E.O. Sisterhood
Passy-Muir Inc.
Pence Wealth Management
Pierluigi Bonvicini Architect, Inc.
Redchip of Nevada
Republic Air Conditioning Co.
Reynolds Design Group
Santa Margarita Pediatric Dentistry
Sapetto Group, Inc.
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SFS Constructors & Builders, Inc.
Sleepy Hollow Medical Group
Smart Vend Corporation
Soft-Train, Inc.
St. Mary’s Episcopal Church
STMicroelectronics, Inc.
Taesan, Inc.
US Medical Research
Veldhuis Interior Design, Inc.
Village Laguna of Laguna Beach
Ward Studios Inc.
Ybarra & Associates
4G Wireless Inc.
Advent Enterprises, LLC
Al Frank Asset Management, Inc.
Birches Foundation
Christine Smith Design
Cogdill & Stirling
Crevier BMW
Ebell Club of Laguna Beach
Ganahl Lumber Co.
Green, Hasson, & Janks, LLP
Laguna Board of Realtors
Laguna Presbyterian Church
Laing Luxury Homes
National Charity League
Orange County Detox, Inc
Priority Posting and Publishing
Rotary Club Laguna Beach
Rutan & Tucker LLP
Santa Margarita Catholic High School
Soroptimist Club
South County Bank
Wave Wealth Management, LLC
Capital Group Foundation
Capital Group Companies
Hanna Capital Management Inc.
MacGillivray Freeman Films
Marisla Foundation
McMaster-Carr Supply Co.
Merscorp, Inc.
Orange County Community Foundation
Pacific Life Foundation
PIMCO Foundation
Rare Coin Wholesalers
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Roland and Dawn Arnall Foundation
Surterre Properties, Inc.
Swayne Family Foundation
William Gillespie Foundation
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  Valued at $2500+
Christine Smith Design
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Laguna Presbyterian Church
Marshall Ininns Design Group
Dan and Kristy Melita
Bob Mister
National Charity League
South County Bank
Super Dave’s Print and Mail
Workplace Solutions, LLC
Louise and Wayne Wright
And, thank you for the many generous donations of supplies and services for our residents and to our wonderful guest chefs and volunteers who nourish both body and spirit.

Note: We have made every effort to acknowledge our donors correctly, but if we have missed or misspelled your name, please accept our apologies and let us know.

*Renaissance Club members show their commitment with contributions of $1,000 or more each year.

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In Conclusion: A Message from Board Chair, Ilene Glassman

It has been 20 years since Friendship Shelter was founded, and we continue to be the lead agency in South County providing vital services to help the homeless regain self-sufficiency and rebuild their lives.

Last year was a year of change and growth, which we owe in large measure to a hard working staff, dedicated Board of Directors, and our generous collaborators and supporters locally and throughout the county. 2008 is proving to be even more dynamic.

We ended fiscal 2007 in the black, after three years of increasing deficits. The hundreds of caring neighbors and organizations who made contributions to our Annual Fund Drive helped us secure our financial position so that we can do more and do it better. We now have sufficient revenue to establish a Director of Programs to enhance and expand our services. Much of the facility was remodeled and more is in the works. Project Ready, a career and life-skills development program for our Henderson House residents, will be launched this year. And we are constantly evaluating and upgrading our services to support the homeless who are working so hard to rebuild their lives.

Of course we hope to secure additional support to further cement our program. Dinners Across Laguna and Beyond, one of our two annual fundraisers, has been well-attended and great fun. The Art of Getting Home last September was a fantastic event, and this year we will host a 20 th Anniversary celebration September 19th.

The city of Laguna Beach has taken a positive and compassionate stance this year to help solve the problems of chronic homelessness, and we are committed to working with local organizations towards that end. Our residents are working, saving money, improving their interpersonal and work skills, and maintaining sobriety, in the hope of creating new lives off the streets. We applaud them, and we thank you for making it possible for us to do what we do.

Ilene Glassman, Board Chair


Ilene Glassman
President and Chair

Colin Henderson
Vice President

 Joy Dittberner

John Beach,

 Doug Anderson
Bob Bryson
Jo Caldwell
Marshall Ininns
Len Israel
Richard Manchester
Edson McClellan
Barbara J. VanAlstine
Donna Vigil
George Western
Alex Williamson
Wayne Wright

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