A Message From Rick Scott, Director of Programs

Friends, I want to take a moment to introduce myself. I'm Rick Scott, Director of Programs at Friendship Shelter. In the nine years I've been with this organization I've seen many programmatic shifts and have worked with hundreds of clients firsthand. One thing that has remained constant is our staff's commitment to being proactive, innovative, and always evolving to meet the needs of our community, as well as the men and women we work with. We know that housing is the ultimate end to homelessness, and for that reason each of our three programs has a distinct focus on finding the housing solution that is right for each client. In our flagship SSP residential shelter program on Coast Highway, the road to housing looks different depending on each client's unique circumstance. Some people, upon completion of our program, are employed and ready to look for a room to rent on their own. Others are more vulnerable and need our staff's help in securing a benefit such as Social Security Disability and qualify to move into a Permanent Supportive Housing unit. Either way, our goal is always to end their homelessness...permanently. To further our work ending homelessness for the most vulnerable men and women in our community, we've added a new component to our existing SSP program called Safe Spaces. This is intended for the homeless men and women that aren't ready to accept a majority of the services we offer. These folks are struggling with severe, persistent mental illness and longtime homelessness, and simply can't enter into a formal program. Instead, we've created a safe and stable environment for them to stay as long as they need - off the streets and in our shelter - and our goal is that they'll eventually move into a permanent housing solution. As we move forward with our programs and adjust to best meet the needs of the men and women we work with, we'll keep you up to date. As always, if you have any questions or would like a tour of one of our programs, let us know! Sincerely, Rick Scott Director of Programs