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Housing Ends Homelessness

Here at Friendship Shelter, we know the only solution to homelessness is permanent housing, but this looks different for each person who walks through our doors.

Whether it's an apartment or room for rent on the private market, reunification with friends or family, or for the most vulnerable clients, permanent supportive housing, having a safe, stable, and permanent home makes all the difference.

You might hear the term “Housing First” thrown around in the media when discussing ending homelessness and may have some questions. Friendship Shelter follows a Housing First approach which means that every one of our clients has access to permanent housing and, as importantly, they continue to receive the supportive services they need to stay safe in that housing.

Currently, our housing program is thriving! Last year alone, we helped 115 people experiencing homelesssness move into permanent housing.

And we didn’t stop there.

Our staff of dedicated professionals continue to work with each client to ensure that they have the wrap-around support and services they need to remain successful in their housing. This could be as simple as helping someone get to the grocery store and as complex as helping to navigate the bureaucratic system to obtain a disability benefit. Our team does whatever it takes for as long as it takes, and our only goal is our clients’ success.

Today, we invite you to meet Cindy Shopoff, a longtime board of directors member and Friendship Shelter supporter. As she says, “The way to end homelessness is to house people.”

Watch today’s video to hear why housing is so important to Cindy and to our entire community, and be sure to view some of our previous videos highlighting our clients and staff.

Please consider supporting The Next 100 campaign with a gift today. We’re close to meeting our goal of raising $700,000–which will help move 100 of our community’s most vulnerable neighbors into permanent housing–and we can’t do it without you!


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