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Antonio is...Home for Good!

What does it mean to be Home for Good? For Antonio, it's a supportive environment where he can focus on his health.
Antonio experienced homelessness for five years before walking through Friendship Shelter’s doors and into permanent housing. After experiencing serious health conditions including multiple heart attacks and strokes resulting in hospitalization and prolonged medical care, having a place to call home is a matter of life and death. And since Antonio qualified for Permanent Supportive Housing, he receives ongoing supportive services from our professional staff, ensuring that he remains safe, stable, and healthy in his housing.

The ongoing relationship with our staff is what Antonio credits with taking control of his health once more. Our team regularly checks in on him, reminds him of upcoming appointments, and helps make sure that his health goals are up to date.

Over the course of the two years he’s lived at our housing site, Antonio has seen vast improvements in his health. He’s been able to attend all of his appointments and has not had any major health incidents.
In addition to the strides he’s taken with this health, Antonio enjoys being a part of the community. Our staff facilitates regular group activities to help our clients avoid the isolation that can occur with vulnerable individuals coming out of homelessness. Antonio feels especially supported by the meditation, walking, and painting groups onsite, and regularly enjoys group game nights. Antonio said that he loves his apartment and is proud to call Friendship Shelter his home.

Friendship Shelter is committed to ending homelessness in our community, one person at a time. But that’s just the beginning. In order to permanently end homelessness for our most vulnerable neighbors, we must ensure that they achieve housing stability. Our team works every day with clients like Antonio who need extra support once in their housing to make sure they have the tools and resources to live successfully without a return to homelessness.

Will you help us welcome even more people like Antonio Home for Good? Click below to learn more and make a gift in support of this life-saving work. Every dollar we raise through this effort helps our most vulnerable neighbors access – and sustain – their housing...For Good.


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