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DOMOS is Latin for “homes.” Members of the DOMOS Community join Friendship Shelter in its quest to create a safe home for each person experiencing homelessness.  DOMOS Community members create financial stability and agility for Friendship Shelter, making it possible to seize opportunities to grow and enhance its housing efforts.  

All donors who give $5,000+ over the course of the calendar year are invited to join the DOMOS Community, where they will enjoy:  

  • Special recognition throughout the year;

  • Access to Insider Briefings and additional information about Friendship Shelter’s news and activities; 

  • Invitation to VIP site visits and stewardship events;

  • Invitation to the End of Year Party.


DOMOS Community Sustainers

DOMOS Community members who choose to support Friendship Shelter with a commitment of $5,000+ each year for three years will enjoy the benefits listed above plus the title of SUSTAINER and recognition of the total multi-year commitment. SUSTAINERS are critical to the success of Friendship Shelter as they provide dependable income over a multi-year period, strengthening our organization, and allowing us the flexibility to meet the changing needs of our community.  

For more information about joining the DOMOS Community, please contact Friendship Shelter’s Director of Development Kristin Points at


Friendship Shelter is a 501[c]3 non-profit organization. Tax ID#: 33-0219404.

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