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Friendship Shelter's Housing team works with nearly 200 individuals
who have experienced homelessness and are now living in their permanent homes. We operate Rapid Re-Housing, Housing with Vouchers, and Permanent Supportive Housing programs. Last year, 97% of our housing tenants remained stably housed.





Services We Provide

We provide full rental assistance, deposits, utility assistance, housing location and stabilization services, limited food and transportation assistance, and referrals to community resources, agency partners, health resources and mainstream benefits to help households maintain stability. Participants will work closely with a case manager to set housing stabilization goals and create a plan to maintain their housing. 

The Nuts & Bolts

As soon as a participant enrolls in this time limited program the case manager creates an appropriate housing plan with the participant based on an assessment of housing needs, resources, and goals. Our team helps participants with rental applications, preparation to make personal contact with landlords and assistance following up, and help connecting to resources in the community for long-term housing sustainability. 

About the Services

Friendship Shelter is a contracted provider of housing navigation and supportive services for clients with housing vouchers. Clients receive ongoing, wrap-around services including day-to-day support from case managers, transportation to local resources, and disability benefits when appropriate. 

About the Vouchers

Vouchers are administered through the County's Public Housing Authorities to clients who have proven their eligibility, which includes low income, a disability, or homelessness. Vouchers are the promise of a permanent home, but clients must source their own rental units and often fail without the help of our experienced team due to a lack of resources and landlords willing to accept the voucher. 

Services We Provide

Our most valuable service is the housing itself. Tenants move into fully furnished apartment units scattered throughout south Orange County. Case managers provide day-to-day support, including life skills training and connections, transportation to local resources for food, employment, and health care needs, and disability benefits when appropriate. 

The Nuts & Bolts

Clients pay 30% of income as rent and sign a lease similar to a market rate apartment. Our team assesses client needs and develops a plan for each person's unique circumstances. A benefits specialist assists clients in securing and maintaining income benefits, food stamps, and medical benefits. 

Sourcing Housing Units

Our Housing Locators have relationships with property owners across Orange County (with an emphasis on South Orange County) and have successfully placed clients in a wide range of housing opportunities. Many of the units that Friendship Shelter leases have been renewed year-over-year with the same landlord, which is a testament to our success in maintaining positive relationships between all parties.

How You Can Help

Because of high prices and low housing inventory in south Orange County, our team is always looking to make connections with local property owners and landlords who are willing to partner with us in one of our permanent housing programs.  We have need for willing landlords with room rentals and one-bedroom or studio apartments who are willing to accept our clients' housing vouchers. If you have questions or would like more information, please contact us today!


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