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Community Connections

It takes a village to end homelessness.

Over the course of this campaign, we’ve explored the complex work and different people involved in ending homelessness for each individual who walks through our doors. A huge part of this work is finding the necessary housing that fits both the requirements for our vouchers and meets the needs of our clients.

Meet Clark.

For over 20 years, Clark, his father, and their real estate business Realatrends, Inc. have helped Friendship Shelter navigate the ever-changing housing market and identify housing properties.

Located just a few blocks from our Bridge Housing Shelter, Realatrends has been one of our most supportive neighbors. Working with people every day to find their ideal homes and properties, Clark has a unique understanding of the difficulties in navigating the housing market and the importance of ending homelessness through sustainable housing.

“It’s very healthy for the community and it’s also healthy for the individual,” Clark says.

In addition to helping locate housing, the team at Realatrends has been a huge advocate for Friendship Shelter, encouraging the community to familiarize themselves with our work.

“I encourage everyone to help out at the Friendship Shelter, whether it be donating, providing housing, or volunteering."

Watch the video above to hear about Clark, Realatrends, and Friendship Shelter’s history.

Then, consider joining Realatrends in their support of The Next 100 campaign with a gift today. We’re just a few weeks away from our deadline to raise the necessary money to fully utilize Emergency Housing Vouchers provided by the federal government’s COVID-19 response. We are incredibly close to meeting our goal of raising $700,000, fueling our work to help move 100 of our community’s most vulnerable neighbors into permanent housing. We can’t do it without you!


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