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Tony's Story

Every Friendship Shelter success story is unique, and Tony's story started with anxiety, fear, and uncertainty.

We met Tony during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. This was a difficult time for everyone, but accessing available resources was especially challenging for individuals experiencing homelessness who weren't already in the shelter system. This is where our team stepped in.

This is Tony’s story of housing, as told by members of the Friendship Shelter team who worked with him to find safety, stability, and ultimately success. We worked with Tony each step of the way from his temporary stay in a hotel, to a placement at our shelter, and finally into permanent housing.

Not only has he made huge strides financially, but Tony has transformed his anxiety and uncertainty into hope for the future. We're constantly inspired by Tony and all of our clients as they realize their goals for happy, healthy futures.

Whose story from Friendship Shelter’s past or present has inspired you?

From Jacob and Alberta to Norquan and Tony, each person we work with continues to amaze us, persevere, and prove just how life changing this work really is.

Can we count on your support to help our most vulnerable neighbors and create hope for the future?


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