Friday, November 1

Laguna Cliffs Marriott, Dana Point

5:00 - 10:00 pm

Join Us for The Party! 

This year, the Friendship Shelter Gala has become The Party! You won't want to miss this fun & festive evening among friends to celebrate the work Friendship Shelter is doing ending homelessness in our community, one person at a time. The Party will take place on the spectacular lawn of the Laguna Cliffs Marriott overlooking the Dana Point Harbor and as always, every dollar raised will fuel critical services for shelter & housing clients. Thank you for your support & we'll see you at The Party! 

The Chairs

Wendy Aird

Meg Pearson

The Committee

Kathleen Abel

Jill Edwards

Paul Fenner

Donna Gingold

Caroline Jones

Jane Manolakas

Barbara McMurray

Teddie Ray

Keiko Sakamoto

Andrea Shelly

Shaena Stabler

Lea Stone

Kathy Victor

Danielle Ward

Edna Yan

The Sponsors

Thank you to the following sponsors for their early generosity and support of The Party! as always, every dollar raised through sponsorships will fuel critical services for shelter & housing clients. 

The Party Sponsor

Andrea Shelly
Bill Witte & Keiko Sakamoto

The Celebration Sponsor

Cindy & Bill Shopoff

The Big Bash Sponsor

Wendy Aird

Gary & Betsy Jenkins
Barbara & Greg MacGillivray

Meg & Doug Pearson

Marisa & Steve Robbins

The Fiesta Sponsor

Steve & Dorothy Coontz
Carol & Dennis Eastman

Steve & Jill Edwards

Jane & Joe Hanauer

Karen M. Mauro

Teddie Ray

Kathryn & Bill Rooklidge
Returning Home Foundation
Cyd & Steve Swerdlow

Doug & Karen Wilson

The Dinner Party Sponsor

Ketta & Jeb Brown

City National Bank

DPR Construction
Ilene Glassman

Marshall & Elizabeth Ininns

Deborah & Jeffrey King

Elka Reider & Gene Nalbandian

Dawn & Jerry Price

Realatrends Real Estate
Rutan & Tucker, LLP

Susie & George Wood

The Cocktail Party Sponsor

KMJ Corbin & Company

Johanna & Gene Felder

Dick & Beth Gochnauer

Samuel & Pamela Goldstein
Dr. Barbara Hamalko
Beth & Tommy Knapp

Mary & Jon Nord

Lisa & John Mansour

Lauren & Richard Packard

Mission Up
Lisa & Harvey Triebwasser

Matt & Lizanne Witte

949.494.6928 • • PO Box 4252, Laguna Beach CA 92652