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Rapid Re-Housing is designed to move an individual quickly out of homelessness and back into permanent housing. We find housing, help
pay for housing, and connect people to appropriate services.


Services We Provide

We provide full rental assistance, deposits, utility assistance, housing location and stabilization services, limited food and transportation assistance, and referrals to community resources, agency partners, health resources and mainstream benefits to help households maintain stability. Participants will work closely with a case manager to set housing stabilization goals and create a plan to maintain their housing. 



Case managers connect eligible participants to Medi-Cal, coordinate scheduling, transportation, and paperwork for health appointments, and maintain continuity of care as the participant’s primary contact for both housing and healthcare navigation. 

We provide participants access to Friendship Shelter’s privately contracted psychiatric nurse practitioners as well as SSI/SSDI outreach, access, and recovery  disability benefits specialists as needed.

The Nuts & Bolts

As soon as a participant enrolls in the program the case manager creates an appropriate housing plan with the participant based on an assessment of housing needs, resources, and goals. Our team helps participants with rental applications, preparation to make personal contact with landlords and assistance following up, and help connecting to resources in the community for long-term housing sustainability. 

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