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A Story of Hope: Meet Jacob and Alberta

Safe, stable, and permanent housing sets the groundwork for building a better future.

For Jacob and Alberta, it provided the hope they needed to work toward meeting their goals.

After experiencing homelessness for many years, they no longer have to worry about where they’ll shower or protecting their belongings.

This hope means progress.

Our Housing Stabilization Coordinator Kasi reminds us that permanent housing is just the beginning. “Now we’re getting them used to having to budget again, and having bills to pay for and neighbors to be aware of,” Kasi says.

They now have access to community support and health care to continue their success. They plan to reconnect with family, return to their careers, and get married soon! This all becomes possible with the strong, stable foundation of a safe home.

When you invest in our mission, you fuel our ability to support The Next 100 as they move out of homelessness and into permanent housing.


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