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Giving Tuesday and Housing First

Housing ends homelessness.

It may sound simplistic, but housing is the ultimate goal for every person who walks through the doors of a Friendship Shelter program, and the only solution to ending homelessness.

We believe that everyone deserves a safe, stable, and permanent home. Once someone’s most basic housing needs are met, they’re more able to work on other issues they face. Lead Housing Coordinator Miranda Mendeleev describes it perfectly.

“When someone is housed, they can start focusing on their personal goals, their educational goals, their career goals, because their day-to-day survival is no longer a struggle.”

Friendship Shelter is leading the way in ending homelessness, and our team does whatever it takes to not only help the most vulnerable members of our community find permanent housing but keep them housed. Housing First is not “housing only.” It’s housing with strong, purposeful ongoing support to ensure their housing stability. This means establishing and meeting goals for mental and physical health care, job opportunities, and more. Last year alone, we housed 112 people and saved Orange County $5.5 million in public resources.

With that support, 97% of those housed in Friendship Shelter’s permanent supportive housing remain stably housed, year after year.


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