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Kicking Off 2022

It's hard to believe we're a month into 2022, and thanks to you–our incredible community of supporters–this year is off to an incredible start.

Since we launched the campaign in September, we've made huge progress toward our goal of housing The Next 100 with $586,000 raised! This is already 84% of our goal! So far, this effort has helped more than 30 people move out of homelessness, with an additional 50 working with our staff to find appropriate, permanent housing.

Even with this progress and momentum, our work is far from over. When you continue to invest in our community, share the word about Friendship Shelter’s mission, and follow the life-changing stories we’ll share in the upcoming weeks, we’ll not only be able to meet our goal, but we can exceed it.

If you've already donated to our efforts we are so grateful to you, and if you haven't yet there's still plenty of time to join us!


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