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Mike Fotion and The Next 100

At Friendship Shelter, our incredible staff is our driving force, our secret sauce.

Even in the face of crisis, each team member proves time and time again their dedication to serving our community and ending homelessness one person at a time. Bridge Housing Program Manager Mike Fotion is no exception.

Mike says, “If somebody is experiencing homelessness, we are going to help them, no matter what that looks like.” We wholeheartedly agree.

Since starting just over a year ago in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, Mike has shown care to every individual he meets, both staff and clients alike, as he helps them solve problems and find housing solutions.

His excellence is fueled by a genuine passion for the people who walk through our doors. This is truly a labor of love.

Friendship Shelter partners and supporters just like you make Mike’s job possible. With your help, your empowerment, we changed the outlook of the pandemic and provided housing for more people than ever before.

The Federal COVID-19 Response has presented our team with a new challenge, a new opportunity: Emergency Housing Vouchers that we anticipate will allow us to house The Next 100. Our team is the backbone of our work here, but it is your support that will guide us through 2022 and beyond.

Can we count on you?


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