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Norquan: A Story of Support, Stability, and Success

For the past 34 years, Friendship Shelter's doors have remained open.

For clients like Norquan, those open doors bring a sense of belonging. Today, we invite you to hear from Norquan and Analisa Andrus, our Director of Program Development and Compliance.

For the first time ever, Norquan not only has a stable income and permanent housing, but so much more. He has a system of accountability and people he can rely on.

“The support has always been there for me,” Norquan says. “I have always been extremely grateful for all the services, all the help, all the connecting resources.”

We're proud to have been part of Norquan's story, and we can't wait to see what the future brings. Your support has made his journey possible. This year we look forward to playing a part in the stories of ending homelessness for even more of our most vulnerable neighbors.

Update for The Next 100

As we mentioned in our last update, you've helped us raise $586,000. Here’s what’s changed since then!

Now, an additional NINE people have moved into permanent housing, bringing us to 39, and EIGHT more people have vouchers in hand and are working with our staff to locate appropriate housing, bringing us to 58. We also have the funding to move another 44 people out of homelessness and into permanent housing WITH critical supportive services.

So what’s next? Our work is far from over and we still need your help! With your continued support, we can ensure the success of The Next 100 by this June.


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