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Partnering With Landlords

The solution to homelessness is housing.

Connecting with someone experiencing homelessness, understanding their individual situation and matching them with the appropriate housing can be a complex process. It also involves our dedicated staff at Friendship Shelter working with different members of the community.

Sometimes, the hardest part can be convincing others to give our clients a chance.

Meet Dot.

Dot is a seasoned landlord who’s managed rental properties for over 40 years. Recently, she welcomed our client Jack as a tenant, and the experience has been great for both of them.

Dot learned that many of our clients who are being housed using government subsidy funding also have landlord incentives available to them. In Jack’s case, as his landlord Dot was able to secure a double security deposit and signing bonus. And like all Friendship Shelter clients, Jack has the continuing support of his housing coordinator, Melissa. In her role, Melissa works with both Jack and Dot to ensure Jack settles into his home smoothly and that Dot is satisfied as his landlord.

While Dot and many of our landlords have a great experience working with Friendship Shelter clients, the stigma against renting to someone who once experienced homelessness remains a huge barrier for both our clients who are ready, able, and willing to be housed, and our staff who work tirelessly to help them do so.

For landlords uncertain about renting to those without a home, Dot has some advice:

“I just want to encourage you. Don’t have a negative attitude toward this. Go in with an open mind and a big heart and you’ll be pleasantly surprised.”

Watch the video above to hear more about Dot’s experience with Jack, Melissa, and Friendship Shelter.

Then, consider supporting The Next 100 campaign with a gift today. Your support will help us continue to connect landlords like Dot to tenants like Jack. We’re close to meeting our goal of raising $700,000, fueling our work to help move 100 of our community’s most vulnerable neighbors into permanent housing. We can’t do it without you!

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