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The Next 100

The pandemic didn’t slow down Friendship Shelter. In fact, we were given an incredible opportunity to change more lives.

Through the Federal COVID-19 Response, we have the chance to help an anticipated 100 people using Emergency Housing vouchers. We must act quickly to place these clients in housing by June 2022, when this opportunity expires.

We are thrilled at the chance to house 100 more people. However, while these vouchers cover the actual cost of housing, Friendship Shelter is responsible for the critical support services that are essential to a client’s success and well-being.

We know that housing alone isn’t enough to support someone waiting to take the life-changing transition from homelessness to housing. Through the Emergency Housing Fund, we support our clients through services, both before and after housing, including:

  • Locating appropriate housing units and establishing relationships with landlords and property owners.

  • Offsetting the up-front costs for security deposits and rental assistance for individuals who move off the street or out of a shelter or motel accommodations, and into housing.

  • Connecting clients to mental and physical health care services and strengthening the overall health of our community.

  • Navigating complex relationships with landlords and property owners, allowing us the financial ability to pay for repairs and solve problems within housing units.

  • Extending in-house health care services and facilitating visits with clients to build trust and a healthy patient/provider relationship that they would not otherwise have.

We can’t do this without you. Can we count on you on the road to June 2022? Invest in Friendship Shelter. Invest in our Emergency Housing Fund. Invest in our community. Invest in The Next 100.


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