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The Next 100: Making a House a Home

How do you create a home?

Home is so much more than a roof over our heads. Often, we forget all the little things that come together to make a house a home.

But it’s those little things that are so critical for not just maintaining a home, but making it feel safe, comfortable, and special.


Think about the last time you moved into a new house. It was probably a ton of work with a million details to manage.

Once you’ve found your new home–after research, reviewing leases, and signing contracts–the hard work begins. There’s packing, endless address forms to complete, family and friends to inform, a landlord to connect with, and utilities to schedule. And what if the home isn’t move-in ready? There’s construction, new floors, fresh paint, plumbing issues. Then, only after all that, it’s time to decorate and settle in.

The list is seemingly endless.


For someone coming out of homelessness and into housing, often for the first time in a long time, these tasks can feel overwhelming and impossible both financially and practically. That’s where Friendship Shelter’s housing navigation and stabilization staff come in. Our work isn’t over when we identify appropriate housing. Our staff is here to help every step of the way to ensure each person we work with can successfully make the transition to housing and can feel safe and stable in their new home.

YOU fuel our ability to make this happen. Over the next few weeks, as we continue to work together to help transition The Next 100 people into housing, we’ll show you exactly what goes into housing The Next 100 and just how crucial you all are to making it possible.

To support The Next 100 and our mission to end homelessness in our community, invest today! Each dollar we raise from this effort supports our Emergency Housing Fund, making all of this, from the big changes to those “little things,” possible.


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