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Invest in Friendship Shelter. 


Your support fuels our ability to help 100 of the most vulnerable people in our community move out of homelessnes and successfully into permanent housing. In fact, despite the challenges of 2020, your investments allowed us to provide housing for more people in 2020 than ever before!

Now, through the Federal COVID-19 Response, we have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to help an anticipated 100 people using Emergency Housing vouchers that expire in June 2022. This funding will cover the actual cost of housing but not the critical support services that are essential to our clients’ wellbeing.


We know that housing alone isn’t enough for a vulnerable person coming out of homelessness. Our success comes from our staff’s willingness to do whatever it takes to support our clients both before and after housing.


We can’t do this alone. We need YOUR help!

Every dollar we raise will directly support Friendship Shelter's Emergency Housing Fund and will propel our efforts to house The Next 100. Your investment gives us the financial security to provide critical pre- and post-housing wrap-around services to ensure each client's continued success.


With your support, we can...

Locate appropriate housing units and establish relationships with landlords and property owners.

Offset the up-front costs for security deposits and rental assistance.

Connect clients to mental and physical health care services.

Navigate complex relationships with landlords and property owners for repairs and more.

Extend in-house health care services and facilitate visits with clients.

Long term volunteer Cindy Campbell has been working with our permanent supportive housing clients, and the bonds she has created have been so important to her and the men and women she's worked with. 

We are so grateful that you, our supporters, haven’t missed a beat, even in the face of continued uncertainty. Join us on the road to June 2022 and invest in the lives of The Next 100.

View updates about The Next 100 on our blog, here.


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