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Helping Fellow Humans

Solving homelessness is a matter of helping humanity.

Over the course of The Next 100 Campaign, we’ve strived to emphasize the humanity of our clients in the face of social stigma and policies that dehumanize those experiencing homelessness.

This is something that Friendship Shelter Board Member Cindy Shopoff speaks to in today’s video.

Having worked in real estate development for over 20 years with her husband Bill, Cindy has gained a unique understanding of the need for housing in California. In her two decades developing in California, Cindy has helped build affordable housing units–a crucial element to housing our clients with vouchers like those we’re using for our Next 100. Finding solutions to homelessness is a “natural progression” of her work, Cindy says.

Cindy vividly remembers the moment she was asked to join Friendship Shelter’s board.

“I remember looking at the sea of humanity that was laying on the concrete around me and what they were living in, and I was like, ‘This must be a sign. I’m getting involved,’” Cindy says.

Since joining our Board, Cindy has made it her mission to advocate for housing for those experiencing homelessness and help change attitudes in the community that often hinder progress.

"If you can find it in your heart to have compassion and empathy for the person that you see standing on the street, it makes a difference,” Cindy says. “They’re humans, not ‘homeless.’”

As we approach the end of our campaign, we ask that you consider joining Cindy in supporting our work to treat each individual with dignity as we identify the best housing solution for them.

To date, we’ve moved 50 of our clients into permanent housing using vouchers. To house those remaining, we need to identify available, affordable apartments in communities where landlords are ready and able to provide the dignity and humanity of a permanent home.

Consider donating to our campaign to help this effort, and join us June 30th at 5 PM via Zoom for our Next 100 Celebration event. You’ll hear from the staff, clients, and supporters that make up Friendship Shelter and share the success that you helped us reach!

Change starts with the individual, and we are so thankful to all of the individuals in our community who have supported this campaign and our work!


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